Thursday, May 24, 2018

Still with my EPP

I'm not going to abandon this project.  It is on a roll and I must keep rolling with it.  On my last post, this is where it was then.  Just five more small medallions to make and circles to be added.
Days later, just two small medallions to make and then applique (they are just pinned onto the design wall) all eight of them in their correct spot.  Must not forget the circles.  Only twenty one circles ... only!  LOL
Then we have these snowflakes to be added.  Their position will be revealed later.  I still need to make a bunch more of these snowflakes which will feel like they will take forever to make.  But, they won't.  Just make one at a time.  One at a time and before I know it, they will be done.  The end is getting closer and closer on this project and I have loved every stitch. 
The days here are warming up but the nights are still cool.  I have been busy fixing clothes and things for my sister and niece.  All three of us are going on a trip to Grenada soon.  Clothes that fit well a few years ago .... well, some of them are not so comfy to wear.  Hmmm .... guess I put on a few pounds here and there.  Oh dear ..... 🐱🐱

Have a great stitching day!
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Scrap progress

Progress on this scrappy project is moving along quite nicely.  Six blocks are done on the center section.
Oh. what the heck .... might as well get the other blocks made and then the center will be done and ready for the striped border blocks.  That is exactly what I did.  🐱🐱   Now, those striped blocks are giving me a bit of grief trying to sew them together.  They will need to be worked on a bit, but I will figure out something and show a photo of before and after.
The other project on my design wall is my EPP Xmas take-a-long.  All the bottom pieces are now sewn together (a photo and a post about this project will be coming soon).  This project came with me to the cottage this weekend.  Since it was raining and cold, this was a welcome project to sew while sitting beside the wood stove.
The other job that needs to get done are these glass items to hang on our apple tree in our backyard.  How did these get started?  Ruth Kennedy came twice to our day guild.  Once for a trunk show and we were so impressed with her quilts that we invited her back the following year to do a workshop.  Each time Ruth came, she stayed with my husband and I and she brought the brown oval glass balls that you see on the right.  The glass hearts came from my sister each time she visited Mexico and the large green/yellow glass ball on the top was a Xmas gift from a nephew and his family.  I foresee more of these popping up every now and then since a collection has been started.  So lovely!
It is hard to see, but all these glass balls are hanging in our apple tree.  They shine ever so delightfully as they twirl in the sun.  There was even a hummingbird that had to come and investigate.  It didn't stay, but found the balls interesting, especially anything with red on them.  Our hill is slowly coming to life after a very long winter and spring.  So nice to see green once again.
Have a great stitching day!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Scrappy Bargello

Another finish ..... Scrappy Bargello (free pattern by Bonnie Hunter) in yellows and blues.  How I love this quilt!

How lovely it is to start seeing my shelf with all my tops dwindling.  A year ago, there were two shelves holding tops (with their backing fabric).  Now, I'm down to one shelf.  A huge improvement to say the least.  Bonus .... I'm using these quilts instead of just admiring them now and then.

Quilt details:
Scrappy Bargello (free pattern by Bonnie Hunter).  The layout is different.  It was fun to play around with the blocks until this look was achieved.

Started:  Sept. 3, 2013
Top finished:  Nov. 11, 2013
Quilt finished:  May 12, 2018

Quilt size:  63-1/2" x 88-1/4" (65-1/2" x 91" before quilting, washing and drying)
Batting:  80/20 poly/cotton

Back in 2013, I was on the program committee for my day guild and I needed to demo a block.  This was my choice.  So easy to do and a great way to use up scraps.  It didn't take too long to finish this top.  Instead of being an overall scrappy quilt, my fabrics were chosen carefully for a more controlled quilt.

Machine quilted by my friend Tella in Scarborough.  What a lovely job she did AGAIN!

There are still a few more quilts that need binding and my hands are itching to get another one started.  The road to our cottage is open now and a quilt on my lap in the mornings and evenings will be most welcome.

Have a great stitching day!

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another treasure

From the hoard of scraps (all the bags and boxes sitting on top of wood planks) that I picked up this week from the guild member, another small box has been opened and the treasures inside are coming out to be revealed.
This project was in a bag.  No pattern.  Just blocks and fabric.  This is what I envision.  Upon looking at the layout .... I wonder what the original pattern was meant to be?

This I will finish and donate to charity.
There might be enough fabric to complete the blocks.  Some of the strips may need to be pieced for the longer strips needed.  The striped blocks that you see (below) cannot be used.  They don't match the other ones that are laid out on the design wall above.  But, they will be kept and added to my orphan blocks to make a sampler quilt one day.
This is just one small  reveal.  The other stuff in the box will be pulled out later.  I really have to remind myself to do this slowly.  It truly is overwhelming and I have to remind myself to be wise and pass on things however tempting they may be to keep. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

helping others

I've been busy helping out others.

My elderly neighbour wanted a quilt for her grandson, but doesn't quilt.  She asked me for help.  She bought the panel, shopped my stash for the ruffle which she made and attached to the panel with instructions on how to do it.  Months passed because life events happened on both sides.  Then we got together and sandwiched the quilt.  Scraps of left over batting were used.  We birthed the quilt and then because I have all the accessories, I machine quilted the quilt.   She was quite fascinated with all my gadgets and went home with the knowledge that there was much more involved in quilt making than she ever thought.

Weeks passed and I would work on the quilt here and there.  Some hand quilting was done in the center portion to finish the look.  Sometimes, it is just easier to do things by hand.   Finally, it was done, washed and dried and I walked it over to her home.   She offered to pay me for the work, but I declined.  She did promise to get back at me in other ways, which I'm sure she will.

She is very happy with the quilt and excited to give it to her grandson.  Done is such a marvellous word!
Then, a guild member (Andree is the founding member of our day guild and is in her 80's) wanted to get rid of scraps and odds and ends.  She knows how much I love making scrap quilts and asked me first.  Everything sitting on top of the wooden planks are what was given to me.  I will go through these piles and keep what I want and the rest will go to QOV quilts, charity quilts and to the encore table at day guild for members to buy at great prices.  Money raised on the encore table go to charity.  So, it is a win-win for everyone.
Just one small box was opened and perused.  This is what was inside.  Treasures!

A rug hooking piece that will go to Karin (garage girl) and if she can't use it, she knows someone who will.
I think all the pieces are here to make this quilt.  This will be good for a donation quilt.
 Panels ....
 .... and more panels.
 This box looked interesting.
 Embroidered pieces.  Should I finish this one or pass it on?
 Strips of blocks.  A row-by-row perhaps?
That was one small box.  I'm itching to get into the other boxes and bags, but slowly would be best so not to be overwhelmed.

I emailed Andree and thanked her for passing her things to me and she replied back:  good new/bad news.  Good news:  she has peace of mind that someone else will be making good use of her things.  Bad news:  she found more scraps and small yardage to give away!  LOL  Another trip to her home is in the works.

Have a great stitching day!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

More quilts ....

.... to bind!

My sister picked these up for me on her way home from Toronto this week.  So this makes five quilts to bind.  I had better get my butt in gear and get them done.  At least get the binding cut out and sewn together.  A good start for when I'm in the mood for sewing on binding.

Spring is FINALLY here in our neck of the woods.  There are still patches of snow here and there, but plants are pushing their way to the surface and the temperature is finally pleasant enough to go outside wearing a lighter jacket.  The boots are stored away until this fall.  Yep, spring is finally here!

My sister and I will venture out to the cottage some time this month.  My brother and SIL tried earlier this week, but they had to turn around as the road was just too soft with all the melted snow.  We need some sunny days to help dry up the road enough to handle vehicle weight. 

One of these quilts will come with me to the cottage and I will be happy and warm while binding.  The mornings and nights are still cool enough to want something warm on my legs.

Have a great day!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Angles and Squares

Another quilt ..... another finish!  Oh, how happy am I to finally have this quilt done.

I really do need to thank my garage girl friends again and again and again for pushing me to get my quilts done by either me or by someone else.  They are so happy to see a finished quilt and that means my list is dwindling.  Any top that a LAer can do, off they go now.  No more hoarding with wishful thinking that it can be hand quilted.  Sadly, those days are fading into the sunset and only the special ones I hold onto in the hopes that I will do them myself continue to stay on the shelf.

Now, let's look at this quilt.  I fell in love with this design when it was first on the design wall and I can't believe how well it turned out.

This quilt started with a workshop that was given by Heather Stewart.  At the end of the class, Heather asked us to do something different with the final layout.  She did give us examples to get us started.

At the time, I was in the "star" mode and that is how stars appeared on this quilt.  Still love those stars!   The quilt is straight ... it is the photo taker (me) that can't get her act together!

Quilt details:
Started:  October 18, 2012 in a workshop presented by Heather Stewart
Top finished:  January 9, 2013
Quilt finished:  April 9, 2018

Top size:  67" x 83" (before quilting and washing:  70-1/4" x 86")
Batting:  polyester

Machine quilted (using Swiralot pattern) by Tella in Scarborough, Ontario.  I did add additional machine quilting on the diagonal lines and on the vertical and horizontal rows.  Using polyester batting made those areas too puffy and I just didn't like how they looked.  So, I took the time to fix the look and I'm so glad that I did.  Also, hand quilting was added around the stars and circles.  Why not, it is my quilt.

Label and sleeve on?  Tick and tick!


What a glorious word.

Have a great day!

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